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Newly minted DevOps Engineer, SysAdmin in a not-so previous life. Mostly random writings about tech.

  1. On the usefulness of Change Freezes

    I had an old friend post about his work announcing their annual holiday change freeze. It reminded me about the previous ~7 years of change freezes (and the varying level of success) at my current day job. As someone who has started out as a typical administrator, change equals a much greater risk of an outage. An outage that you’d be stuck fixing during that week or two of Christmas break where there’s limited staff...…

  2. CS:GO in a Docker container

    I was around 18 years old when Gooseman released the original Half-Life 1 mod Counter-Strike. I was actually introduced to it by my younger brother as I mostly had played Quake Arena before that. I was pretty much instantly hooked and have been playing off and on with long breaks inbetween. At points I’ve played each iteration of CS - once it became 1.6, then CS:S, and now CS:GO. As an “old” CS:GO player it’s...…